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Price list for Venison Processing:

Please have all meat cleaned and de-boned. Do not grind & meat should be fist size pieces, in 5lb bags. Please do not bring meat in freezer wrap individual packages.
**We will not accept meat with hair in it**
Note the better quality of meat you bring in, the better the finished product will be. 
NO venison or smoked meat requests will be accepted two weeks prior to any holiday
Appointments are required so please call first and call ahead with questions

**You need 15lb of venison for each item you want made below**

Approx wt. increase
w/ added pork  Product:         Price per pound

+10% Ground for burger       $1.50
+70% Breakfast Sausage    $3.00
+40% Sausage - Garlic or spicy $2.50
+40% Bulk sausage (1 or 2 lb packages)        $2.00
+25% Kielbasa       $3.50
+110%      Knockwurst & Ring Bologna     $3.50
+110%      Small/ Big Bologna (cut in 1 lb pieces)  $3.00
+110%      Hotdogs $4.00
+110%      Cheddar cheese hotdogs $4.00 (bring in own cheese)
    (with or without jalepano) $4.50 (using our cheese)
+100%      Liverwurst (your livers 5lb minimum)      $3.00
+0%   Salami   $3.50
-10%  Pepperoni, Garlic sticks &      $5.00
   Landjagers (aka jerky)

You will receive a call when your order is complete
*A storage fee will be added for any orders not picked up
within a reasonable amount of time.

Deer Butchers:
Greenville (518)966-5216
Duansburg (518)894-3257 Zack
Hoosick Falls (518)663-8397 Dan
Schenectady (518)858-2353 Dale  *can butcher any animal
Clifton Park (518)371-7968 Raymond Keller

$1.50 per pound (just smoked, not vacuum sealed)
$2.00 per pound (smoked, cut, and vacuum sealed)
$2.50 per pound (Smoked, sliced and vacuum sealed)

**All prices are subject to change at anytime**
**Cash is appreciated**